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Yesterday I posted a pretty loaded message on PureSUP Yoga’s Instagram and Facebook. The picture caption said, “Looking to your horizon and seeing nothing but beauty puts any troubled present moment at ease. If you can recognize your struggles as one of life’s greatest teachers, knowing one won’t truly know pleasure unless they’ve experienced pain, […]

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Did you know September is the official National Yoga Month (a national observance designated by the Department of Health & Human Services)? How exciting is that?! Many studios offer excellent introductory specials and classes this month so be sure to drop by your local studio and see what is going on! If you happen to […]

Headstand in Costa Rica!

Having a blissful state of mind is a conscious choice I make regularly. I really believe that regardless of our circumstances, we can make this choice. I wrote this blog post while I was still in Costa Rica but waited to publish it so I could reflect on these practices in “real life” after my […]

I am thrilled to be published in San Diego’s Natural Awakenings July, 2013 issue! The article is a little about the construction of our boards and how the idea for PureSUP Yoga Eco Boards came about! Check it out online:  Moving Meditation Combines Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding  Sending Light & Love, Britt

Ambassador Anthony

Gabriel has been surfing since the age of 18 and practicing Yoga since the age of 19. He has lived on both the East coast and the West coast of USA, chasing hurricanes and swells. He also lived in India and Thailand to study Yoga and Thai Yoga under renowned masters. Over the years he influenced yogis […]

I’m lucky to be living at AmaTierra and enjoying the organic, fresh meals!

Graffiti Bar

If you read my blog post, From Grief to Costa Rica, you know I am traveling alone in Costa Rica at the moment. If you have not read it, just a brief background…. I am living and teaching yoga at a wellness center about an hour from Jaco in Costa Rica and I get a […]


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